Sadly, dealing with unethical individuals and organisations is just the tip of the iceberg!


Recently, it was brought to the attention of the EOA by UCAS, that someone was pretending to be an EOA member when trying to secure information on a specific student. Over the years, the EOA has built up a trusting working relationship with government agencies, awarding bodies and a range of other stakeholders involved in education and exams. It is nice to know that the EOA is that trusted independent organisation that establishment can turn to for support and help. The EOA reassured UCAS that this individual had nothing to do with our community and supported UCAS with their ongoing enquiries.


In another case, an exam centre rang up the EOA to ask about a specific vocational exam body which they had lost all contact with, and having committed their money to a course were wondering what would happen to their students, and who could they turn to for help and advice. In this case, Ofqual seemed the logical choice, but it’s not easy to rescue a situation, when it appears one is dealing with what appears to be a legitimate organisation, that on merit, seems to be fully endorsed by the establishment.


The EOA would never try to mislead the education and exams community, or indulge in any unethical practices which might bring this community into disrepute, and would question why any individual or even establishment organisations would allow and/or turn a blind eye to such activity. In our very regulated environment one would therefore be shocked and surprised that such individuals or organisations were not being taken to task and exposed for such behaviour, while they run rough shod over everyone and everything that stands in their way.


The EOA was created to help support exam delivery within centres, but it never envisaged having to deal with such ‘injustice’ directed at it's own community, far beyond the individual and exam body cases referenced above. It does beg the question can and will the EOA community ever be able to tackle such indifference? One suggests not, and even go as far as saying the EOA can never win such a battle because it will always refuse to adopt unscrupulous practices, even if that served the interests of maintaining this community's aspiration to have an independent voice.


The only response the EOA can make to this sad state of affairs is to say that such unethical behavour by individuals or organisations, that see no value in maintaining good will or portray a lack of common decency, should not be allowed to undermine all the good work being done by our EOA community which trys to help maintain a creditable exam system that we can all be proud of. If you come across any such activity - please contact the EOA office in confidence on - title 'unethical activity'.