March report from EOA Board of Trustees


P1050342 15-03-2017 


From Left to right

Yvonne Astley Jones | Lynne Wiblin | David Merriman | Terry Ford | Ian Judd

 Andrew Harland | Dominic Meason | Nikki Morris | Jasmin Masih | Gillian Russell


The EOA Board of Trustees meet three times a year and this was one of the best attended meetings at the University of Reading, and one of the most representative boards the EOA has ever had in place over the past 17 years. In addition, for the first time a new member Christos Christofi from Cyprus was added to the group to represent our international community. Sadly, Christos could not join us on this occasion.


At this meeting, it was agreed by all the trustees that the role of the EOA in providing an independent presentative voice is just as important now as it was when the organisation was first created back in 2000 and then transformed into a formal professional body in 2005 with the support of government funding and the full co-operation of awarding body community.


The main focus of this meeting was on how the EOA can turn that aspiration on maintaining an independent voice into action as it goes forward beyond this academic year. Over the next few months the Board of Trustees will be announcing changes to the structure and format of the EOA so it can deal more appropriately with all the changes to the education and exams market place.


There is no doubt, after the recent government budgetary announcements last week on education that it will get even tougher for the exam officer community, and that there will be a need to review and establish new and more effective supportive mechanisms, through existing and new relationships which may not fit the traditional model this community have come to accept, and in some quarters, take for granted.


The existing Board of Trustees are totally committed to supporting the laying down of new foundations, still based on those historic and deep seated principles which offer continued support and representation in key areas. Whatever the future holds, the EOA will be built on the back of continuing regrowth of the organisation, and the readjustment it has had to make to overcoming all the unscrupulous activity which has attempted to dent the EOA's ability to fully representative the exam officer community over the past two years.


Thank you for all those who sent in their feedback for this meeting, and keep it coming. Apart from Ofqual's information services, there are only two alternative sources of support for the exam officer community. Firstly, the exam body community through the 160 exam bodies and their close associates, the JCQ, FAB and the Exams Office, and secondly, the EOA. Unlike the independent EOA offer, exam officers cannot therefore join these other types of organisations and expect any independent representative voice in the education and exams market place.


As we move towards the end of what is going to be a pivotal year for the exams officer community, with all the new curriculum changes beginning to make an impact on centres, the EOA must stand firm and do its duty. Our community would expect no less from an organisation that has grown from nothing and believes that this community deserve to be recognised and valued appropriately.