Vocational and Technical Qualifications Stakeholder Group

 (Exam Stakeholder Engagement Group ESEG) for VQ & TQ)


1.     Purpose

The Vocational and Technical Qualifications Stakeholder Group (‘the Group’) provides advice to Ofqual on vocational and technical qualifications and assessments based on members’ experience of and insight into the skills and education system. 

2.     Scope

The Group will focus on Ofqual’s regulatory approach in relation to (a) current vocational and technical qualifications offered in England, and (b) the programme of reform to vocational and technical qualifications, including apprenticeship end-point assessments.


Areas beyond Ofqual’s remit are out of scope for the Group. These include unregulated qualifications and assessments, funding, accountability arrangements, and Government policy development.

3.     Role

The role of the Group is to provide:

stakeholder perspectives on vocational and technical qualifications, including challenges faced, concerns and benefits perceived and Ofqual’s regulatory approach.


  • stakeholder perspectives on Ofqual’s approach to regulating reformed vocational and technical qualifications in England.
  • a forum to discuss the outcomes and potential impact of any research carried out by Ofqual on technical and vocational qualifications.
  • a forum for Ofqual to test and improve its communication about vocational and technical qualifications.

The EOA will be representing its community in this sector as many exam managers and officers, especially in colleges, are very involved in this area and the volume of work is often ignored or forgotten against an environment dominated by the general qualification debate.