Thursday 18th August 2016

The calm before the storm?

As one JCQ representative put it at this morning’s formal presentation of GCE A and AS level results by the JCQ in London. But then, this is always the case on results days from a statistical and logistical point of view. No one can really comment on the full impact of these results on individuals, centres and the exam system as a whole, until schools and colleges begin to interrogate the detail behind each result, department by department, and course by course.


In the provisional results report from the JCQ, the overall picture was one of no surprises, with no policy changes at A level or any significant change in entry and result patterns. However, there had been a dip in entries for 18 year olds this year by 3.1%, and a 1.2% dip in entries for 17 year olds.


One major change this year was the impact of the decoupling of AS from A level with a mixed take up across the subject range resulting in a decline in entries by 13.7%. Despite this change the overall results went up slightly from 20.2% (2015) to 21.3% (2016) for A grades and from 89.4% (2015) to 90.1% (2016) for A to E grades.


Overall there has been a decline in entries for all the major Modern Foreign Languages, French, German and Spanish but the all the results have improved with French up from 8.1% (2015) to 8.8% (2016); German up from 8.3% (2015) to 9.6% (2016) and Spanish up from 8.1%(2015) to 8.4% (2016)


In summary A level outcomes:

                                     2016               2015

Grade A*                       8.1%               8.2%

Grade A* - A                  25.8%             25.9%

Grade A* - E                  98.1%             98.1%


The exam office team will be on full alert today and tomorrow dealing with enquiries about results and seeking the support of their SLTs and academic staff to make sure all their students are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible so no student misses out or is delayed in taking up future courses in FE, HE and within the working environment.


Having done your job everyone will turn their attention to the response of awarding bodies and UCAS to support those enquiries and respond appropriately within the time limits agreed by Ofqual.


Please log and share both your positive and negative experiences over the results and post results period so the EOA can gather information and present an independent report back to the stakeholder community on what the centre exam office team experience is this year, and remember you are part of this success story, so let’s share that expert view.


Contact Karen at – title ‘A level results 2016’