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The iEOA is working in partnership with SISRA who provide products and services that have a direct impact on their role as exams office staff in schools and colleges across the country.
To access their website click the SISRA icon above or visit www.sisra.com

New SISRA offers for 2018 

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SISRA Analytics provides your teaching and administrative staff with real-time access to detailed performance data – data that will help to identify underperformance and generate school improvement. The web-based application is designed specifically to assist with the analysis of various collections of data, from targets and predictions through to termly assessments and final exams.


The service provides interactive reports across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 giving staff instant access to:

  • Whole school headline figures
  • Trend analysis
  • Gaps in achievement for groups such as Pupil Premium and SEN
  • Whole school residuals
  • Progress 8 and Attainment 8
  • KS2–KS4 progress matrix for all qualifications

As part of the partnership agreement the iEOA provides:

  • consultation on exams office developments
  • access to the examination community
  • promotion on the iEOA website & in other activities

in return SISRA provides:

  • support to iEOA members via its partnership programme
  • support at the iEOA annual conference



While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of securing a sustainable professional exam office workforce, the iEOA cannot get involved with personal terms and contracts agreed between members and SISRA. However, in the interests of its membership the iEOA will always consult with SISRA on its service provision to the exam and education community.



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