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Wobble Wedges


The EOA is working in partnership with Wobble Wedges to give help and assistance to the EOA community in solving the problem of disruption in the examining hall caused by wobbly tables and desks.


To access their website click the Wobble Wedges icon above or visit:




As part of the partnership agreement the EOA provides:

  • consultation on future exam office requirements
  • promotion on the EOA website and in other products and services

In return EOA provides:

  • advice, help and support regarding the product;
  • a discount on our products to all members of the EOA;
  • promotion of the EOA on the Wobble Wedges website;
  • support to the EOA at conferences and other related events.

EOA members can access a private page on the Wobble Wedges site through this link
http://www.wobblewedges.co.uk/eoa This page will provide further information on Wobble Wedges and give EOA members the facility to purchase these products online at a special discount price. All EOA members must quote their full membership number to get their discount. We will be running a feedback survey on this product and service later in the year. So get your wobbles sorted out now.


While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of providing future products and services to meet members  needs, the EOA does not endorse any specific product under its charitable status. However, the EOA seeks to provide opportunities to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues. Over the years the EOA has been working with awarding bodies, government agencies and other stakeholders to encourage cooperation and coordination in this area. The EOA believes that this type of relationship fosters a greater sense of shared ownership in the successful delivery of present and future exam systems.



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