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The International Examination Officers’ Association (iEOA) and Capita SIMs work in partnership to help exam office personell deliver appropriate ICT training and support to schools.




'Exams office staff, teachers, head teachers, use SIMS every day to drive improvement in their school. With endless demands put on staff, time and resource are precious. SIMS helps you to work more efficiently, flexibly and smarter. SIMS has a range of services, software and expertise to help your school achieve its goals' (reference: SIMs)


How can SIMS help exam officers work more effectively:

  • Electronically send exam timetables, reminders and result to teachers, pupils and parents saving valuable time and money from reduced printing costs
  • Have a single view of pupils, classes or subject groups 
  • Easily analyse exam results and spot trends and patterns
  • Work remotely with secure online access anytime, anywhere

To learn more visit the SIMS website: http://www.capita-sims.co.uk/why-sims


As a member of iEOA you will be entitled to exclusive discounts for SIMS training courses.  To find out more call 0800 170 1719


The iEOA work closely with SIMS to help develop training services, system developments and consultancy through our Advisory Committee. If you are interested in providing additional consultancy on courses through our Advisory Committee groups please contact the iEOA office for further information.



This partnership includes:

Sharing content and expertise across websites to provide exam officers with access to more targeted help, advice and software support

  • Co-writing additional ICT resources for the iEOA online BTEC courses and workshops that will more closely link exams office qualifications with related ICT issues
  • The iEOA will provide clear links to its new portal system ‘Exams Oracle’ which is being developed to help manage all tasks and activities in all exam centres
  • SIMS will benefit from the expertise and experience of iEOA personnel in the development of new training and training materials
  • The iEOA will provide clear links to its new portal system ‘Exams Oracle’ continues to be developed year-on-year to help manage all tasks and activities in all exam centres.

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