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The iEOA is cooperating with COBIS to provide training and support for their exam office staff in centres across the world through its College of Teachers CPD programme, Industry Qualifications PDT on invigilation, and the use of the Exams Oracle exams management tool.


Directory of Products and Services 2017


The Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

Representing over 300 member organisations, COBIS is a responsive organisation, open to current and future opportunities. The association has developed markedly since its foundation, changing to meet the needs and aspirations of its growing global school membership base.

To access their website click the COBIS icon above or visit: www.cobis.org.uk


As part of the partnership agreement the iEOA provides:


  • consultation on exams office developments and activities
  • promotion on the iEOA website, publications & in other activities
  • access to the iEOA online training systems and materials
  • oversee and help facilitate exam office CPD programme in COBIS centres


in return the COBIS provides:


  • cooperation on the production of exam office training material
  • promotion of the iEOA in any publications & other activities
  • promotion of the iEOA to its international centres


This partnership agreement between the COBIS and the iEOA is based on a shared objective of securing a more confident sustainable professional exam office workforce which can meet all the future needs of their exam system where ever that community may be based.



Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’