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We are the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. Not only do we process more than two million applications for full-time undergraduate courses every year, but we help students to find the right course. We try to make things run as smoothly as possible by providing innovative online tools which make it easier for students and higher education institutions (HEIs) to manage applications and offers.


The iEOA is working closely with the UCAS to support its existing services to the exam office community. As we enter a new era in exam management and administration there is a need to continue to encourage a more sharing environment that benefits all of our community.


To access their website click the UCAS icon above or visit: www.ucas.com


As part of our working relationship with the UCAS, UCAS provides:

  • access to the UCAS’s website for targeted information and support
  • updates and information to be shared on the iEOA website

In return the iEOA provides:

  • a link to the UCAS website and it’s services
  • promotion of UCAS services at all appropriate events

For more information please visit the UCAS website link:  




Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’