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The iEOA is working with the CIEA to support the professionalisation of the wider teaching, exam delivery and assessment community for the benefit of learners.


As changes to qualifications and tests impact upon schools and colleges, the CIEA is supporting teachers and assessors with access to tools, resources and information to enable them to meet the challenge of change. 


JCQ Independent Commission


annoucement on Malpractice from

On the Mark - CIEA January 2019 News update

Educational Assessors Online course - click here


To access their website click the CIEA icon above or visit: www.ciea.org.uk


 As part of our working relationship with CIEA, CIEA provides:

  • access to the CIEA's website to enable exam officers to maintain their awareness of the latest developments in assessments arising from education reform.
  • access to CIEA tools, resources and information held in the public areas of the CIEA website
  • support at the iEOA conferences and other activities were possible
  • a link from the CIEA website to the iEOA website services

in return EOA provides:

  • feedback on exam delivery that impacts on assessment processes
  • support for any CIEA conferences, events and activities where possible
  • a link to the CIEA website and it’s range of services
  • access to iEOA, resources and information held in the public areas of the iEOA website



Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’