The iEOA is working in partnership with the NASEN to help support the needs of SEND students accessing the public exam sytsem within specialist and mainstream educational establishments across the UK and abroad.


NASEN suppors thousands of practitioners by providing relevant information, training and resources to enable staff to meet all pupils’ needs. Working with dedicated education professionals, nasen aims to ensure that practice for special and additional needs is both effective and current.


NASEN is committed to providing an excellent range of professional development opportunities by offering the latest news and information, to support practitioners in identifying and meeting the needs of children and young people.


Our aspiration is to be the leading SEND/ALN membership organisation for education professionals.


As part of the partnership arrangement the iEOA provides:


●    Promote the NASEN on its website, e-newsletter, publications & events

●    Promote NASEN to all Network groups through its online Network Tool

●    Promote NASEN through the various EOA CPD programmes


In return NASEN provides:


●   Provide help, support, information & guidance on the SEND sector

●   Promote the iEOA on its website, in publications and events where appropriate

●   Share and exchange information appropriate to serving this sector


While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of providing future solutions to members' needs, the iEOA does not endorse any specific product under its charitable status. However, the iEOA seeks to provide opportunities to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues.