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The iEOA is working in partnership with the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) to promote the benefits and use of assistive technology throughout educational establishments for all learners, with special reference to those engaged in the public exam system across the UK and abroad. The Aims of BATA are to:

  • To campaign for the rights and interests of those needing Assistive Technology.
  • To provide expert and impartial support and advice to government departments and agencies.
  • To educate and inform widely on the benefits of Assistive Technology.
  • To promote British Assistive Technology products and expertise at home and overseas.

As part of the partnership arrangement the iEOA provides:

●    Promote BATA on its website, e-newsletter, publications & events

●    Promote BATA to all Network groups through its online Network Tool

●    Promote BATA through the various iEOA CPD programmes


In return BATA provides:

●  Provide help, support, information & guidance that facilitates greater access to  

    exams through assistive technology

●  Promote the iEOA on its website, in publications and events where appropriate

●  Share and exchange information appropriate to serving this area


While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of providing future solutions to members' needs, the iEOA does not endorse any specific product under its charitable status. However, the iEOA seeks to provide opportunities to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues.


Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’