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The iEOA is working in partnership with The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) to help support the exams office community on information, training and materials that will assist them in dealing with issues related to special needs requirements for students taking exams in schools and colleges across the UK and abroad.


The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) was formed in 1976 by the amalgamation of The National College of Teachers of the Deaf (NCTD) and the Society of Teachers of the Deaf (STD). BATOD is the ONLY Association representing the interests of teachers of deaf children and young people in the United Kingdom.


It includes in its membership representatives from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and from all the many branches of the profession as well as colleagues from overseas. BATOD promotes the educational interests of all deaf children, young people and adults and safeguards the interests of Teachers of the Deaf.


As part of the partnership arrangement the iEOA provides:

  • Promote BATOD on its website, e-newsletter, publications & events
  • Promote BATOD to all Network groups through its online Network Tool
  • Promote BATOD through the iEOA CPD programmes

In return BATOD provides: 

  • Provide help, support, information & guidance that facilitates greater access to exams for students with 'hearing difficulties’
  • Promote the iEOA on its website, in publications and events where appropriate
  • Share and exchange information appropriate to serving this area   

In this partnership agreement the shared objective is to provide additional support and help to members in this very complex area. The iEOA seeks to provide opportunity to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues. 


Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’