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TheiEOA is working in partnership with the National Governors’ Association (NGA) to help the support the development of a more effective and efficient professional exam office work force in schools and colleges across the country.


The National Governors’ Association (NGA) is an independent charity that aims to improve the educational standards and well-being of children and young people through supporting and promoting outstanding governance in all state-funded schools, including academies and free schools. We work closely with, and lobby, government and the major educational bodies to ensure that the views of governors are fully represented in the national arena.


As part of the partnership arrangement the iEOA provides:

  • consultation on exams developments and centre delivery
  • responsibility for CPD development for the exams office
  • promotion on the iEOA website & in other activities and events

In return NGA provides:

  • consultation on governor developments that impact on the exam office
  • support on enhancing professional development
  • promotion on the NGA website & in other activities and events

While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of providing future solutions to members' needs, the iEOA does not endorse any specific product under its charitable status. However, the iEOA seeks to provide opportunities to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues.  The iEOA believes that this type of relationship fosters a greater sense of shared ownership in the successful delivery of present and future exam systems.


Please Click Here to view our clarification of the term ‘PARTNERSHIP(S)’