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The iEOA is working in partnership with the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL), to help establish a more effective and professional exam office work force in schools and colleges across the country.

Move to the Institute of School Business Leadership

Changes to education policy over the last decade have resulted in an increase in the range of responsibilities and expectations on school business leaders. Increased school-level autonomy and a diminishing role for local authorities also now means many schools must identify internal capacity and expertise in order to manage complex operational disciplines historically supported by the LA directorates.


It is with this backdrop that the National Association of School Business Management has decided to transition to institute status. This is the obvious next step in NASBM’s ongoing workforce professionalisation initiative, and there are two principal audiences that have motivated the association to make the change.


In recent years, the ISBL has been instrumental in the development of a nationally recognised competency framework, contributed extensively to the development of professional qualifications and played an active role in helping shape government education policy. www.isbl.org.uk


As part of the partnership arrangement the iEOA provides:

  •     Promote iEOA supportive products & services to exam offices in centres

       Promote the iEOA on its website, in publications and events where appropriate

  •     Collaborate and share data on appropriate educational issues

In return ISBL provides:

  •  Promote ISBL products & services to centres and the wider community
  •  Promote the ISBL on its website, in publications and events where appropriate
  •  Collaborate and share data on appropriate educational issues

While this partnership agreement is based on a shared objective of providing future solutions to members' needs, the iEOA does not endorse any specific product under its charitable status. However, the iEOA seeks to provide opportunities to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues. The iEOA believes that this type of relationship fosters a greater sense of shared ownership in the successful delivery of present and future exam systems.


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