Campaign One

To work more directly with a number of organisations and companies both inside and outside the education and exams sector to promote a more professionally trained exam officer community which is can meet the needs of all learners undertaking the full range of general and vocational qualifications  across all awarding organisations.


Campaign Two

To complete the process, started 3 years ago by the EOA, for greater engagement on documentation, communication and consultancy with the JCQ and its members. This successfully lobbied the JCQ and Ofqual and prompted the announcement this July by the JCQ to embark  on a programme of change which will make the exams system more transparent and accessible to all stakeholders, and help address the issue of malpractice. 

Campaign Three

To provide a platform for all learners and their families to voice their needs and concerns over the public exam system. The aim is to remove the 'closed shop' perception held by the general public and as a result engender more confidence in the exam system and thereby seek greater support for the invaluable work done by the exams officer community, from those who are affected by the system but remain outside the established education and exam sectors.

note: A2A is in the process of restructuring this website to reflect a wider community beyond the EOA  membership ethos and much of the EOA components will be relocated into their own area.

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