Established in 1985, BTL Group Ltd. has grown into a renowned global provider of assessment technology and services trusted by some of the world’s highest profile providers of high-stakes summative assessments. It serves the Surpass Community from offices in the UK and in the United States.


BTL’s success has been due to its innovative approach to technological development, its passion for significantly improving assessment for everyone, its creative core, and its refreshing approach to collaboration with partners and Surpass Community members. 

Since 2007, BTL’s core focus has been the development of its award-winning Assessment Platform, Surpass. 

Surpass is a market-leading professional end-to-end assessment platform used for the authoring, banking, administration, delivery, marking, and reporting of computer and paper-based tests, and is used to deliver over 3 million on-screen tests every year. Surpass is the first choice for organisations that need a dependable solution for on-demand large-scale, secure formative and summative testing. Surpass supports BYOD, test centre or remotely invigilated delivery. To discover more about BTL and Surpass, visit our website. 

The Surpass Community are all actively involved in developing the product to keep it at the cutting edge of assessment technology, and every year the community comes together to help shape the future of assessment at the Surpass Conference. You can read more about the conference and view past presentations here.