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The A2C Data Exchange Project is an innovative programme bringing significant improvements to the way data is shared between awarding organisations and schools, colleges and other examination centres.


It is being delivered by the Joint Council for Qualifications awarding organisations in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.



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To access their website click the A2C icon above or visit www.jcq.org.uk/about-a2c


Important Links on their website - Information:


A2C Specification          

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A2C August announcement 2016   Click Here



This site provides an overview of the project as well as detailed information for all key stakeholders, including exams officers and MIS managers.


The current version of the spec is V1.2 and the xsd (Appendix 4) is V5.0. This release has updated every section. We have included a ZIP file of the complete spec so you only need to download one file.  Please note that you do not need to enter your email address on each download.