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JCQ - 2


The EOA is working closely with the JCQ to support its existing services to the exam office community. As we enter a new era in exam management and administration there is a need to continue to encourage a more sharing environment that benefits all of our community.

Note: The JCQ represents a cooperative face of the awarding community providing key information and advice on the safe delivery of both general and vocational examinations in schools and colleges. The EOA is committed to driving related enquries towards the JCQ so exams office staff get feedback directly from the established source which has generated the original documents related to exams delivery.




For their website click the above JCQ icon or visit www.jcq.org.uk


Exam Officers staff please contact:  centresupport@jcq.org.uk and/or

Telephone numbers: 0207 638 4132  or  0207 638 4137


Important Links on their website - Information:


Instructions on Conducting Exams- ICE Booklet Click Here
Regulations and Guidance Click Here


 Free Online Forms:


Exam Office Forms Click Here
Access Arrangements Forms Click Here
Overnight Supervision Form Click Here
Malpractice Form Click Here



As part of our working relationship with JCQ, JCQ provides:

  • access to the JCQ’s website for targeted helpline support
  • support  at the EOA conferences and other activities were possible
  • a link from the JCQ website to the EOA website services

In return the EOA provides:

  • feedback on customer service provision
  • consultation on matters related to the delivery of exam processes
  • support for any JCQ events and activities the EOA are invited to
  • a link to the JCQ website and it’s services



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