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The iEOA cooperates with the JCQ to support its existing services to the exam office community. As we enter a new era in exam management and administration there is a need to continue to encourage a more sharing environment that benefits all of our community.

Note: The JCQ represents a cooperative face of the awarding community providing key information and advice on the safe delivery of both general and vocational examinations in schools and colleges.



Message Board


URGENT - JCQ Request for feedback on Malpractice

Please respond to this consultation today!



 Did you know there was a new JCQ inspection process?

Well there is now - click here for details

 JCQ announcement on informing candidates of their centre assessed marks  > click here <




For their website click the above JCQ icon or visit www.jcq.org.uk


Exam Officers staff please contact:  centresupport@jcq.org.uk and/or

Telephone numbers: 0207 638 4132  or  0207 638 4137


Important Links on their website - Information:


Instructions on Conducting Exams- ICE Booklet Click Here
Regulations and Guidance Click Here


 Free Online Forms:


Exam Office Forms Click Here
Access Arrangements Forms Click Here
Overnight Supervision Form Click Here
Malpractice Form Click Here



As part of our working relationship with JCQ, JCQ provides:

  • access to the JCQ’s website for targeted helpline support
  • support  at the iEOA conferences and other activities were possible
  • a link from the JCQ website to the iEOA website services

In return the iEOA provides:

  • feedback on customer service provision
  • consultation on matters related to the delivery of exam processes
  • support for any JCQ events and activities the iEOA are invited to
  • a link to the JCQ website and it’s services



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