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The iEOA cooperates with Pearson/Edexcel to support its existing services to the exam office community. As we enter a new era in exam management and administration there is a need to continue to encourage a more sharing environment that benefits all of our community.


Edexcel has specialised teams that look after examinations officers, teachers, work-based learning providers, senior management teams and students.



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To access their website click the Pearson-Edexcel icon above or visit www.edexcel.com

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Contact your Account Specialist: 0844 463 2535 / e-mail serviceoperations@pearson.com


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Past Papers Click Here
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Examinations Officers:

Pearson provides Examinations Officers with a personal Account Specialist who will assist you with all of your enquiries. As well as providing instant support via phone, Account Specialists also run online and face to face training events and are available to visit you at your centre to provide further support where necessary.


Your Colleagues and Students:

A dedicated team of Subject Specialists is available to answer your teachers’ assessment and teaching enquiries. Your students and senior management teams also have dedicated specialists who can help with all of their enquiries. Contact details for these teams can be found here http://www.edexcel.com/Aboutus/contact-us/Pages/home.aspx