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I would like to confirm that MTB Exams are delighted to work with the iEOA to help support the exams office community on information, training and materials that will assist them in dealing with issues related to special needs requirements for students taking exams in schools and colleges across the UK. and the text below outlines this sharing of resources and information.

The Music Teachers’ Board of Examinations provide an exciting way to take instrumental exams from MTB grades 1-8.  MTB provide an imaginative new resource for instrumental teachers - by making some simple but fundamental changes to traditional methods, which will • reduce stress levels for pupils and teachers • provide complete flexibility over exam dates • use specialist examiners. at


As part of the relationship the iEOA will:

●   Promote MTB Exams on its website, e-newsletter, publications & events

●   Promote MTB Exams through its Network groups & its External Candidate Service

●   Promote MTB Exams through the iEOA programmes and services


In return MTB Exams will:

  • Provide help, support, information & guidance that facilitates teaching & learning for students
  • Promote the iEOA on its website, in publications and events where appropriate
  • Share and exchange information appropriate to serving this sector

The shared objective of this is to provide additional support and help to members in this very complex area. The iEOA seeks to provide opportunity to members to explore and develop products and services that might not have become available through other avenues. The services provided by MTB Exams to the exam community are invaluable in helping to support our members and we welcome this closer association.