The iEOA does not directly endorse any product or service under its charity status but wants to provide members with access to opportunities that will help service their needs.


British Assistive Technology Association (BATA)

BATA members are suppliers, AT professionals and organisations who provide support to individuals with disabilities who need Assistive Technology solutions. We provide an information and signposting service to the public in directing enquiries to relevant members (and other relevant groups/organisations).




  • Literacy software which works as a computer reader
  • Gives confidence to dyslexic and EAL students who struggle with reading and writing
  • Enables students to work independently and to reach their full potential
  • Can be used in class, at home and in exams

For more information and to arrange a free demonstration please contact:

[email protected]  www.texthelp.com/education

  The C-Pen Exam Reader for exams: 

The C-Pen Reader, which is white and is a general education pen includes a dictionary, voice recorder and digital highlighter. For more information. www.scanningpenshop.com 

Dragon Software - For home and student use

Have fun and get more done on your PC using your voice. From students who are looking to complete homework assignments or who struggle with writing to individuals who want to write their personal blog or complete everyday to-dos, Dragon Home captures your thoughts as quickly as you can speak them.