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About Us

     (iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)        


The International Examination Officers' Association (iEOA)  has evolved from it's foundation organisation the Examination Officers' Association (EOA) founded by Andrew Harland with a number of other teaching exam officers back in 2000. That lobby group tranformed the EOA into a professional body to help represent the exams officer community in 2005 when it was registered as a charity and not-for-profit organisation.


The iEOA like its predecessor remains the only independent professional organisation of its kind in the UK and abroad and will continue to lobby establishment on behalf of its community through its strong charitable ethos. But unlike its predecessor which was supported and funded by government around the supporting the exam systems in operation, the iEOA is returning to its roots that revolve around centre needs and those communities and not just around facilitating an exam system in which this community has had very little say in or influence on over the years. 


The iEOA fundamentally supports the need to facilitate a more professional workforce if it is to cope with the constant change in education and exams. To address this issue the iEOA will no longer just focus on developing products and services that fit the functionary tasks and activities of exam officer staff around the narrow definition of training associated only with exams delivery.  Instead it will focus on supporting the more holistic operational role within centres whichis placing even greater demands on this exam officer community. 


The iEOA Management Team:  Terry Ford - non-executive Director & Andrew Harland - Director


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