Welcome to Ability 2 Access

We have been working with the EOA over many years and have valued its contribution towards promoting a community which serves all types of learners, by encouraging greater access to educational opportunities, through a more transparent and more inclusive public exam system. 

Our Vision Statement - 2020

  • Ability2Access wants to provide access and support for enhancing the lives of all people with disabilities
  • A2A ‘s immediate focus is on people with physical disabilities in the UK
  • Our A2A Aim is to advance the following through Learning – close the gap between those with physical needs and those without Research – understand the educational gap between those with physical disabilities and those without.
  • Assistive learning – utilize Information Technology to address this gap Support - provide support to those with physical disabilities to enable and advance learning and inclusion

The old EOA Vision statement (the EOA formally closed in December 31st 2019)

"The EOA has influenced and campaigned for the development of expert informative and socially inclusive programmes and services which seek to support the educational community, learners and their families, to help exceed their expectations and improve lives".

Over the next few weeks you will begin to see changes to this website which will reflect how A2A will be taking some EOA information, blogs, news and insights on exams access, onto another level.

A2A welcome your contribution, as we develop this new website community.