As I stand down as the CEO of the EOA after 20 years I thought I would reflect on what we as an organisation and community have achieved; on what we have learned over the years and how those experiences might help and guide a new generation of exams officers in the future. Read the full article >>

"The EOA has made its mark thanks to all the great work by its members. Finally, after years of lobbying the JCQ are responding to our requests for better communications, documentation and consultation on all its processes and procedures. The measure of its success will be how all this will be shared so exams officers feel they are much more engaged and proactive in an exams system that depends on their goodwill. One welcomes the commitment by the government regulator OfQual and one must encourage them to use their powers so the full value of the work of exams officers are fully realised and promoted across the whole education and exams sector".

1. Created a professional organisation - the first of its kind in the UK and the world.

2. Created a self-governing registered charity for its community

3. Created the first website for exams officers with a full range of products & services

4. Created the first library of resources to support the exams officer community

5. The EOA created a two-way communication channel between establishment and the exams officer community

7. Created its own continuing professional development programme with qualifications

8. Created the first exams officer SEND service

9. The creation of an External Candidate Service

10. What is the legacy left behind?

As one exams officer put it in her very courteous email - “Twenty years is a very long time to have been leading the EOA and I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve achieved. You always put such a lot of effort into making the role of Exams Officer a credible one and thanks to your initiative there are a lot of qualified exams officers out there!”.

On that note, if I have one moment that stands out in all my 20 years of dealing with this community it was having the honour to attend the presentation of Janet Martin's MBE at Buckingham Palace for her services to the EOA exams officer community. To me, Jan embodied everything that the EOA was all about. Guts, determination, professionalism and total commitment to her role, as a teacher, exams officer and EOA CPD manager.

I can remember exams officers continually moaning about this community never getting acknowledged for the important work they do. Well this is yet another myth around the EOA achieving nothing for exams officers, that needs to be kicked into touch, once and for all. That time has come again to say, its about time someone from the existing exam officer ranks stood up and took on Janet's mantle. There are some fantastic people out there but actions speak louder than words! Its easier to just turn away and give up on all this, but if you believe in what you do and who you are doing it for, then, as a community make your mark now!

I have been so fortunate to work with some very special people and while there are so many I could mention here Karen Boothman, who was there from the very start of the EOA has been a rock when things got tough, and Julie Short (Scalby School) one of the many practitioners, who chaired the EOA and was truly inspirational to me and still is a role model for anyone wishing to make a contribution to the future of this community.

I will be still around working in the background on various projects and supporting individuals and organisations where I can, so please keep in touch.

It’s all there, the new EOA international, ready and waiting for a new generation who believe in themselves and this fantastic role they have taken on as exam officers.

I wish everyone every success in the future and hope you all get your 'deserved results'!

signing off - Andrew Harland (Founder and ex-CEO of the EOA)