University and Colleges Admissions Service for candidates applying to UK universities.

UCLES (now Cambridge Assessment)
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. A department of the University of Cambridge. The UCLES group comprises three business units, each with a distinct product range and group of customers: Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), CAIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and OCR.

Unique candidate identifier. Unique number allocated to a candidate by a Centre that must be supplied when entering for units or certification. A 13-character identifier which can be generated by the CMIS and usually consists of the Centre number, a year reference number, the candidate number and an alphabetical check digit, for example 251380019999G. UCIs are essential for processing candidates’ entries if they have transferred from another Centre where they have already taken examinations.

Unique Learner Number has been created to replace all other methods of tracking learners in the system and is being adopted by all Centres from 2014. See Personal Learning Record.

Uniform Mark Scale. A scale that converts raw modular examination marks into a common (uniform) scale to use in the modular or unitised assessment system. An inter-board agreed scale.

The classification for those who do not achieve the minimum grade requirement.

*Uniform Mark Scale 

UNISON (non teaching union which promotes exams officers as admin staff only)
Union for support staff working in schools, sixth form and further education colleges.

The smallest part of a qualification for which results can be issued. A unit may comprise separately assessed components.

Unit code
Usually a four-character code identifying a unit entry. Also known as ‘entry code’ or ‘module code’.

*Unitised examination (not currently in use)
A specification that is in separately assessed self-contained units that may be taken over several examination series – the same as a modular examination.

UNITE (non teaching union offer membership to exams office and other support staff)                                   Unite's vision is of a prosperous society in which employers and employees work together to build successful businesses and safe, healthy working environments. All those who contribute to our success receive the rewards, respect and recognition they deserve. 

Unique Pupil Number. A unique 13-character identifier allocated to each candidate in England on first entry to school. Introduced to maintained schools in 1999/2000 to facilitate the tracking of candidates’ progress through the school system. A UPN consists of a check letter, the LEA code, the DfES number of the school, the academic year when the UPN is allocated, and a serial number allocated by the school, for example Q855 6012 9999. Generated by CMIS. Note: this is not the same as a UCI.