Terry Ford is the last chair of the EOA having been the exams officer at his independent school for over 30 years along-side his teaching duties. He often attend meetings with the JCQ and Ofqual where he has represented the exams officer community, as as a former Secretary of the Oxford and Cambridge Standing Joint Committee (which were sadly dismantled by the teaching unions), and during the time he was privileged to serve as a member of several OCR committees.

On the 31st December 2019 Terry announced the closure of the EOA, but this statement captures what Terry will endeavour to continue to support his community with or without a representative organisation like the EOA.

"I will continue in my role, not seeking to turn the clock back and preserve old practices and procedures, nor to hark back to some mythical golden age, but to look towards the future. The need for an independent organisation, which focuses on being transparent and aspirational, is essential within our educational and exam sector. I believe that not only do we need to care for the welfare of those who are new and those who are experienced in this role through supporting their professional development, but also that it is vital to promote a more user friendly public exam system for students".