Teaching Exams Officer (TEO)
An Exams Officer who is a member of the teaching staff at the Centre.

Technical Awards (Key stage 4) 
Technical Awards are broad, high-quality level 1 and level 2 qualifications in non-English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects that equip students with applied knowledge and associated practical skills not usually acquired through general education. Technical Awards may focus on applied study of an industry sector or occupational group, or the acquisition of practical or technical skills. These qualifications will fulfil entry requirements for both academic and vocational study post-16, alongside GCSEs

Technical Certificates and Tech Levels
Technical Certificates and Tech Levels – level 2 and 3 qualifications that equip post-16 students with the knowledge and skills they need for skilled employment or for further technical study.

Terminal examination
An examination component taken by a candidate on completion of a course that is set and marked externally.

Terminal series
The series in which certification is requested.

The Exams Office (TEO)
This is a commercial company to service and support the objectives of JCQ members, with a focus on exam centres dealing with general qualifications.

Tier (GCSE)
A level of entry at GCSE that offers a restricted range of grades. Adjacent tiers for a given specification have overlapping grades. Where a specification has tiers there are normally two, one that assesses grades 9 to 4 or A* to D (higher tier) and one that assesses grades 1 to 5 or C to G (foundation).

Time management
A self-management programme that targets results rather than just being busy. Embraces the ability to plan, delegate, organise, direct and control.

Timetable clash
Term used to describe timetabling two or more examinations in different subjects in the same session. Can often be resolved without reference to the awarding organisation but an application may be required. (See JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations.)

Timetable deviation
Arrangements proposed by the Head of Centre to resolve any timetable clashes.

The field of study or occupational area associated with a qualification.

Top-Up fees
A top-up fee is charged when a learner who has completed a qualification and received a certificate wants to extend this to a larger qualification from the same specification

A transcript is a copy of a candidate’s script made after the examination has taken place and without the participation of the candidate. Used where a candidate’s handwriting is illegible or so difficult to read that it would be beneficial for an examiner to refer to a transcript of the candidate’s work for clarification.

Transfer of credit                                                                                                                                   GCE AS candidates who move to another Centre or who, for other reasons, have to change their programme of study part way through a modular GCE A-level course may be eligible to transfer a GCE AS award between specifications and/or awarding organisations. The specifications must have the same subject titles, under arrangements agreed between the regulators and the Joint Council for Qualifications.

TSA (only Oxford University)
Thinking skills assessment. A test developed by UCLES (Administered by Assessment Testing Service) as a means of providing additional information on which to base admission decisions.. Cambridge have their own internal TSA.