A responsible adult who reads the questions to the candidate. (See Access arrangements and Special consideration.)

Registration (Centre)
A process by which a Centre wishing to offer particular qualifications is recorded as having committed itself to maintain the required quality of consistency of assessment and comply with other expectations of the awarding organisation. This is held by OCR who manage the Awarding Organisations NCN data base.

*Raise online (closed 31/07/2017 and is being replaced by Analyse School Performance)
RAISEonline is an acronym for Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School Self-Evaluation and can be accessed online at It is an interactive tool produced by Ofsted and the Department for Education to provide interactive analysis of school and pupil performance data. It aims to provide a common set of analyses for schools, local authorities and inspectors.

The formal process that is operated whereby organisations which wish to offer regulated qualifications can demonstrate they meet the Recognition Criteria. It is a robust gateway into the regulated marketplace. Only applicants who meet the criteria in full will be recognised.

Regulatory authority
An organisation that works with others to maintain and develop criteria for awarding organisations and their qualifications and defines an accreditation process for awarding organisations to follow. (See QCA, ACCAC and CCEA.)

Regulated qualification − a qualification is said to be regulated after it has been accredited. An accredited qualification is one that has met the relevant criteria as set by the regulators of qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. On accreditation, a qualification will be issued with a Qualification Accreditation Number, and specific dates set for the period for which the qualification will be accredited.

A term often used to describe a Service 2 RoR (formerly EAR during which a candidate’s script is clerically checked and then has the marking of it reviewed by a senior examiner. Marks may stay the same, go up or go down.

Post Results Service 3 during which a Centre’s coursework submission is re-moderated. Re-moderated marks may stay the same, go up or go down. Candidates’ subject grades may only be confirmed or raised but a lowered mark may be taken forward for future certification.

Result files
Electronic files that contain examination results, sent by awarding organisations to Centres to enable results to be imported into CMIS for processing and analysis.

The Royal Society of Arts. The separate examination board (RSA EB, established 1987) merged with other examination boards to form OCR in 1997.