Late award 
An application for a A-level or new GCSE subject award made up to four weeks after results publication..

Late entry fees
Each exam series has an entry deadline and high late fee date. Awarding organisations will charge late entry fees if entries are made after the deadline, and late or high late fees if units are added or if there is a change of unit option.

LEA (now known LAs or Local Authorities)
Local Education Authority has been replaced with the term LA, Local Authority

LEA (now LA) ICT support
Some LAs still provide ICT support. The strategy is focused on an audit of need and is appropriately focused on raising attainment in ICT capability and in the use of ICT in the curriculum. The strategy is also linked with the use of ICT for management and administration.

LEA (now LA) re-modelling adviser
In every LEA there is a remodelling adviser who coordinates remodelling training for schools and who is the key contact for schools seeking guidance on any element of the agenda.

Live exam periods

Qualifications accredited by QCA are assigned recognised levels from 1–8 based on the levels of the national qualifications framework (NQF) (eg. an A level is accredited at level 3 on the NQF). All qualifications assigned the same level are broadly comparable with each other (Visit for more information)

Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate Qualifications
These are designed to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare students for working life. Level 1 is equivalent to GCSE grades D-G and Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grades A*-C.

Line manager
A member of the senior leadership team who acts as liaison between it and the Examination Officer in the smooth running of the exams office.

Linear examination
An examination in which all examination components are taken in one examination series. This approach has replaced a modular model used to deliver general qualifications.

Law National Admissions Test. A uniform test to be taken by all candidates applying to do law at eight English universities. Designed to provide an assessment of a candidate’s potential for law degree courses. Taken in early November. Participating universities: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, East Anglia, Nottingham, Oxford and University College London.

LSC (now ‘Skills Funding Agency’)
Learning and Skills Council. Responsible for funding and planning education and training for over-16-year-olds in England.