The EOA is operating a centre membership scheme which allows anyone who works through their exams manager/officer and is directly involved in exams delivery can opt for the following categories:

Full Members: (MEOA)
Full membership is open to all Centre Exam Office Personnel working within a registered centre anywhere in the world. 

Full members can also be individuals who which to support the role and ethos of this EOA community and are entitled to suffix their name with the designation of MEOA.

Affilate Members (eg invigilators & SENCOs & data managers): AEOA
Centre Exam Office Personnel can register as Associate members of the EOA and have limited access to the Association’s benefits and services and although they will receive regular newsletters and information they cannot access the members section of the EOA website.

Fellows (honorary): FEOA
This category of membership applies to retired Centre Exam Office Personnel who still wish to stay in touch with the Association via newsletters and other communications. There is no subscription applicable to EOA Fellows