Definitive examination data from Awarding Organisations via A2C, which Centres need to process entries and results. Designed to be electronically imported into a Centre’s administration software. Includes the specification codes, entry codes, timetables and fees. Basedata is series specific and needs to be refreshed for each new examination series. (see Blue Book for General Regulation)

BioMedical Admissions Test. A university admissions test used as an additional means of assessing an applicant’s potential for studying medical and veterinary courses. It tests scientific aptitude and is administered by Cambridge Assessment on behalf of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Bristol and the Royal Veterinary College. BMAT is taken in early November.

Broadsheet of results
A summary of all the candidates’ results at a Centre for an examination series, formerly sent by post to arrive on a predetermined date but now more usually supplied electronically..

The Business and Technology Education Council. A brand used mainly for vocational/technical qualifications which are branded by Edexcel, which has been taken over by Pearson Publishing.