Gill Chapman was a very established exams officer in Plymouth and was very vociferous over the lack of government and exam body provision for the south west. Gill not only became a trustee to help represent her community but tool her message to members of parliament in London. Gill also became a great supported of the EOA professional development programme and one of the major sponsors of getting the Industry Qualification invigilation programme going in her school.

Professor Frank Brian Fidler became a non exam officer EOA trustee in 2005 based upon the research on the exam officer community being undertaken by Andrew Harland. Like so many from outside this closed exams community he became very interested in what impact this group could have on educational delivery across the education spectrum, including at university level. Brian, as he was known, was based at  Institute of Education, University of Reading, where the EOA still has a close relationship. 


Keith Flinters became one of the early board of trustees having been an exams officer from 1990 near Wolverhampton whilst also developing his involvement with exam boards, becoming the Chair of Examiners for OCR.  Keith having been involved with training examination officers was totally committed to the ethos of the EOA in trying raise the professional profile of this, his words, "hard working community". 

Roger Pointon was one of the founder members of the EOA back in 1999 and was a teaching exam officer and on the SLT in his school in Widnes. Roger was part of the team who went to meet the NAA which drew up the 'wish list' some which became part of their modernisation programme (2004 - 6). Roger joined the NAA to help create their centre support team and distanced himself from the EOA. Roger still supported and attended EOA events but he will always be known to exams officers as Mr NAA man, based upon his constant reference to his beloved centre support team of which he was rightly proud! 

Ian Judd was a teaching exams officer at mainstream school in Reading and marker for an a major GQ exams body. Ian was one of the newly elected trustees back in 2004 and was there in 2017 to caste the deciding vote to close down the EOA in its original form. So, the iEOA was born and a new EOA has risen from the ashes. Ian's help, advice and support will never be forgotten down the years.