Setup of new University of Reading base in partnership with Decibels

Confirmation of the new CPD programme to replace the Royal College of Teachers by St. Mary’s University, known for its teaching ethos and an opportunity to reinstate the links between teaching and learning and the exam system.

  • (Introduction level Certificate) - Administering exams & the exam office role
  • (Intermediate level Certificate) - Managing & administering examinations
  • (Higher level Certificate) -Managing and administering examinations
  • (Advanced level Certificate) - Research & develop exams delivery in centres 

Set up of new northern & southern EOA offices to service both the north and the south of the country more effectively. 

Exams programme for the Nigerian Navy schools to help support their exams and assessment processes and help promote British Education and exams abroad.

The resignation of the Board of Trustees and a confirmation to support a new independently driven iEOA, with the same ethos as its founder organisation, the EOA, but not be held back by some of the historic visions and expectations of its predecessor.  

The launch of the International EOA in September

  • To avoid any more misunderstanding or confusion over its existing name, products and services by the exam officer community and other stakeholders.
  • To return to some of its grass roots objectives such as professional development, with a centre based focus, promoting that genuine independent voice at all levels of the education and exam sector.            
  • To take the opportunity to move beyond the exams office community and service their needs within a wider educational and exams context.