The EOA was suddenly informed that it was no longer eligible to attend the existing government Induction programme run by EDSU (which the EOA helped to set up and supported loyally since 2005), as the EOA after being set up as a charity and not-for profit organisation, by government in the first place, was deemed a ‘commercial organisation’.

Launch of professional development training programme, (PDT) was partnered by Babcock and provided a national programme on training and updates with Awarding body representatives from OCR and Pearson’s in attendance.

The launch of the Job Recruitment Service on the EOA website was prompted by the growing churn in exam officer turnover in response to the overwhelming burden of change and reform to the education and exam system.

The government announced it was withdrawing all its services and closed EDSU, a scaled down version of QCDA, and its predecessor the NAA.

The EOA which was created and built on trust and would continue to participate in activity that did not undermine the education and exam system and has always sought a more cooperative path with its stakeholders since its formation in 1999.