The EOA was registered as a Charity (1109163) and not-for-profit organisation with the following mission statement:

“The EOA is an independent, not-for-profit professional body and registered charity whose key role is to support the professional development of all exam office personnel working in centres throughout the UK and abroad, so they can support an exam system that will benefit all learners”.

The first election of the EOA took place from the newly formed EOA community, with free membership backed by government funding with the objective that the EOA would eventually replace the NAA in the future when government investment and support stopped. However, the creation of this formal entity, the EOA in 2005, did create the myth that it was the NAA that created the EOA. For the record, it was the NAA who approached the EOA with funding and promises to support the setting up of a representative professional body in 2004.

Andrew Harland & Uday Patel had to resign as Directors of the newly created EOA, now run by members, (hence the strap line adopted ‘run by exam officers for exam officers’ - under charity rules and became employees of the ‘not-for-profit’ EOA.

The published research from Andrew Harland’s became the handbook for the NAA Modernisation programme and became the foundation for developing this new EOA body.

The EOA launched a new website under government procurement rules.

The EOA was instrumental in helping to set up the new professional organisation the Institute of Educational Assessors, later to get its Royal Charter, to become CIEA. The objective was to create a professional workforce across all education sectors, with professionally trained teachers leading the way supported by their unions; exams delivery by the exams officer community supported by its professional body, the EOA, and assessment being overseen by the CIEA.