As part of the wider A2A remit we are dedicated to supporting not only learners in mainstream education but also those from a underprivileged and marginalized background. Education, through a public exam system plays such an important in every learners life chances so the A2A works alongside other organisations and companies to encourage the development of their talents and self-empowerment, so they can unleash their potential to maximize their opportunities at school and work, and inspire them to live their life to the fullest.

A2A echos the objectives of the project - 'Young Lives' at  based at Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) through their research promote the need to create - "a supportive environment for children's development which tackles the structural causes of disadvantage with a particular focus on communities where children experience multiple disadvantages. This is the context for the post-2015 environment, and for the development of effective social policies to ensure that "no-one is left behind".

"Expanding education systems and the high aspirations that both children and their parents hold need to be capitalised on through improvements in school quality, effectiveness and relevance. Not all children have benefitted from increased enrolment, given the clear variations in quality and the school environment that exist and which can either compound or mitigate any disadvantage children already experience"

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