Week4 beginning 27 August

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Week3 beginning 20 August GCSE results week

OfQual on GCSE results 2018

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Week2 beginning 13 August A level results week

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OfQual on  A level results 2018

OfQual - GCSE results day: what to expect.

Week1 beginning 30 July/August

OfQual announcements – August 2018

Published a blog about Results for new Applied Generals which highlights the recent changes and the impact they may have on pass rates.

Published a blog about our analytics apps which will be available on our website on results day. They will allow you to compare results with the national and regional picture. You will be able to look at year-on-year variability; the distribution of GCSE grades in 9 to 1 subjects; and variations in performance by count

Other OfQual documentation for August 2018

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