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Three major Easter announcements from the EOA


1. Launch of new National Exam Centre Support Service (ECSS)


    Please read more about this new exciting development by clicking here.


2. Professional Development Training (PDT) programme


    The EOA will be providing PDT for both new and experienced exam office  
    personnel across the qualification spectrum starting this autumn and repeating
    the programme in the spring so click here to find out more.


3. Between now and the summer holidays the EOA will be redeveloping its website
    to provide a more effective, up to date, Information Service which links
    news articles, blogs, forums, e-newsletters and the new version of MEOY with
    all the consultations, announcements, and updates from all the key
    stakeholders who have a direct impact on the role of exam office personnel in
    all types of centre involved in delivering both general and vocational
    qualifications. There will be something for everyone!


                                                                 And this is only the beginning!



New EOA DVD is now available!


Invigilation & Guidance (from a centre's perspective)


  Sample Video clips  (click here)


Visit the newly developed 'Invigilation Area' for more information on invigilation.


EOA 2012/13 Full Survey out now


Click here

for Full Report on



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e-Newsletter Review

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Archive now complete!

Continuing PD Training


PDT coming to

all the exams office community this autumn 2014

(full details to be announced soon)


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